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Temporary protection film for freshly painted car bodies

China Shenzhen Ritian Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Ritian Technology Co., Ltd. certification
We have been working with Ritian company for the past 2 years,They always have the answers to all protection requirements, and provide a solution that works.The protection films are good, all in an excellent.

—— Daniel M

I met them on Canton Fair and visited their factory in 2015, it is truly professional manufacturer of protective films.Their prices are competitive which help us to make considerable savings since using them as supplier. I recommend them.

—— Khaled Mavunkal

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Temporary protection film for freshly painted car bodies

For temporary protection of freshly painted car bodies, you can use a peelable or temporary protective film. These films are designed to be applied to surfaces temporarily, providing protection against scratches, dirt, and other potential damage during transportation, storage, or other handling processes. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Material: Temporary protective films are often made from a clear, thin, and flexible material, similar to paint protection films. They are designed to be easily applied and removed without leaving residue on the painted surface.


  3. Application: Applying temporary protection film requires care to ensure that it adheres well to the painted surface. It is advisable to clean and prepare the surface before application to avoid trapping dirt or debris between the film and the paint.


  5. Removability: One of the main advantages of temporary protective films is their ease of removal. They can be peeled off without damaging the underlying paint, and they should not leave any adhesive residue behind.


  7. Duration: Temporary protection films are intended for short-term use, such as during transportation, storage, or while the vehicle is in a setting where it might be exposed to potential damage.


  9. Customization: These films can often be cut or shaped to fit specific areas of the car body. This allows for customization based on the size and contours of the freshly painted surfaces.


  11. Usage Recommendations: Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for application and removal. Some films may have specific recommendations regarding temperature, curing time for the paint, and other factors.


  13. Cost: The cost of temporary protection films can vary depending on the brand, quality, and quantity needed. It's often a more cost-effective solution compared to long-term paint protection films.


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